Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A New Kind of French

There is a new food movement going on in Paris. Foreigners are taking over and this American couple are killing it. Originally from Portland, if I remember correctly, they have worked in food for years and settled in Paris. They have been doing a private supper club and finally have opened their own restaurant, Verjus.

Since we didn't make a reservation, we ended up showing up at the bar. The entrance is in a small alley behind Rue Richelieu, the main restaurant entrance. The kitchen was about to close but they were so kind and gave us a very thorough sampling of the menu at the bar. Laura, one of the two patrons, was so sweet. She navigated us through the menu and gave us great suggestions. We loved every single thing. I was shocked how delicious it was. The dishes are all small plates but surprisingly filling and most satisfying.

We started with this insane little gyoza-like dish (which they called ravioli) filled with a celery filling. There were these little balls of veals that were so juicy and delicious.  The pork belly was also insane. Pork belly is often great in itself but they definitely took this one to the next level. It just melted in our mouths. The grilled broccoli was also really special, with little chunks of mochi on top, the combination of crispy and chewy was amazing. They are really playing with unusual combinations of flavours and textures. I would have to say that this was probably the best meal I had in Paris. I really look forward to going back to experience the full tasting menu.

52 rue de Richelieu (wine bar – 47 rue Montpensier)
75001 Paris

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